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Experience means everything now in shopping. Give your customers the best experience they will ever have.

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Turn your stores into center of attraction

Digitalize your stores and offer everything can be offered by e-commerce. Gain back the rightfully earned customer attraction.

Create Campaigns to increase visitor numbers.
You can use coupons to increase sales numbers in store.
Create Displays to stand out and be more intriguing.
Share all kind of information about your products.

Conquer the hardest task of today: Earn customer loyalty

Creating loyal customers in today's world seems too hard? Not anymore.

Start your customer loyalty program easily.

Create loyalty programs in one click. Manage it from everywhere. Show your customers how much you care them. Earn loyalty.

One-click loyalty program

Differentiate offers

Only valid for your stores

Acquire invaluable customer info


What matters most: Data.

B&M stores struggle primarily due to insufficient data. You'll have access detailed insights about your stores and visitors with Passer.

Product Data

Discover how people interact with your products.

Customer Data

Explore how visitors act in your stores and discover what impacts their response to your brand and products.


Engage with Experiencers at Experience Center

Passer is creating a new media for experiences. Share and let experiences be shared by people. Create your own community.

Visitors and Customers are now Experiencers

People can share information and thoughts about your products by only visiting your stores.

  • You can reshare their experiences

  • Gain valuable information

  • Create collaboration and be more popular


Manage all stores in one place. Be amazed!

Eliminate the challenges that come up with B&M Stores.
Stock Management, Marketing, Customer Relations and much more in one place!

Stock Management

All stock and information about products can easily be managed Partner Panel.

Feedback System

You can ask feedback from your customers and learn their opinions about your stores.

Customer Hub

Let your potential customers ask questions about your products. Manage all communications easily.

API Reference

Use API Platfom to connect your preferred ERP. All products will be aligned with your system.

Staff Management

Create different staff or management roles in order to keep your systems running.

Built-In Image Studio

All media you will share can be fine-tuned with Passer's built-in Image Studio.

Choose Your Plan

Every store needs different strategies. We offer different plans to help you achieve your strategies.




Up to 5 stores

500 products

Monthly 3 campaigns

Experience Center

Customer Hub



/Per Store

Everything in Free, plus:

Unlimited products

Monthly 15 Coupons

Monthly 25 Campaigns

Data Center



/Per Store

Everything in Expert, plus:

Loyalty Program

AI Forecasts

Unlimited Coupons & Campaigns

Support Priority


Questions we get asked

Transparency is everything to us.

What is Passer?

We call Passer "the new way of shopping". Actually Passer is a platform that connects all physical stores with people. Any store can be present on Passer. People can look for store info, products, offerings and much more in Passer Mobile App. Also Passer users can share their experiences regarding products and discover other users' experiences.

Is joining Passer free?

Yes! Any store owner(or responsible) can create account at Passer. If you don't look for many features, just wants your store be available, Passer is free to up to 5 stores.

We don't have Stock Management Software. Can we still use Passer?

No worries. Passer has its own stock management system. You can easily create your products in Partner Panel or upload them as .csv sheets.

Can I cancel my subscription ?

Absolutely! You can always downgrade your subscription or close your stores permanently. Just be careful switching Free plan that your product number are not exceeding plan limit.

I'm selling products online. Can I join Passer, too?

Unfortunately. Passer is a platform that only physical stores can be part of it. We truly believe that you can enjoy and have most fun with shopping when you visit stores. So if you decide to open a store in anywhere, please come and join us!

What should I have to gain data about my products and visitors?

If your products have barcodes or QR Codes on them, that's it! We'll collect all the data about your products and how your visitors interact with them. Then you can view everything in Data Center at your panel.

We are a big firm with multiple stores. Is integration hard with Passer?

When we were designing Passer, our main goal was easiness of integration. From one-store brands to international brands with many stores, it's easy and well-documented how integration can be done with Passer. If you have any problem, our team would be delighted to assist you.

Do you provide tutorials ?

Yes, of course. When you login to your Partner Panel, you can see Knowledge Hub on the left side. There are many tutorials and articles how you can benefit from Passer.

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